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How to reply to user reviews through Email and Slack

Asodesk now allows replies to reviews through Email and Slack. This significantly speeds up your reply to reviews process when you don’t have access to the desktop version of Asodesk or need to reply to a review quickly.

How it works

After enabling the Reply to Reviews report, reviews will start being sent to the selected channels. You will see a pop-up window for entering a response within the Slack interface.

You can even choose a template for answers from Asodesk in the pop-up window in Slack.

If you want to reply via email, you just need to send an email and your answer will appear in store.

How to set up report

Reports for answering to reviews are available on Business plans, which include Reply to Reviews tools in Asodesk.

To set up a report:

1. Go to Custom Reports & Alerts. Click “Create” and choose the channel on which you want to receive reviews: Email or Slack.

2. Choose the countries and apps for which you want to reply to reviews. Choose “Reply to Reviews”. The interface for setting Reply to reviews report will become available to you.

How to reply via Email or Slack only on necessary reviews

You can decide for which reviews you want to reply via Email or Slack.

1. Choose which reviews you want to receive: all, updated, become worse or better.

2. Choose import history: how many reviews before launching the report you want to receive.

3. Choose the rating of reviews which need to be sent.

4. Select the length of reviews you want to receive: more or less than 3 words.

Note: you need a connected Asodesk integration with App Store Connect or Google Developer Console to be able to reply to user reviews.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at hello@asodesk.com.

We'll be happy to help!