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Custom Reports & Alerts Overview

You can set up your own reports and instantly find out about important changes by keywords, reviews, features and promotion metrics.

We have added 4 types of reports and 5 types of alerts that will simplify the analysis of work results and instantly tell you about changes. Get statistics on reviews, featuring of your app and getting to App Store Trending Searches, ranking by keywords, as well as views and app installs.


  1. App Overview

    App Overview will tell you the basic information about the application: keywords, positions, featuring, reviews and updates for each application that you track in Asodesk. You can receive a report at the end of the day, week or month.

    What will be in the App Overview:

    • Information about keyword positions. You will find a change in the positions of the application by keywords in all the countries you are moving to. Each list is divided into 4 categories:

      • New Keywords — search queries for which the application has just appeared in the search.

      • Lost Keywords — search queries for which you are no longer shown in the search.

      • Positive Movement — search queries for which positions are growing.

      • Negative Movement — search queries for which positions are falling.

    • Information about the category rankings. In the report, you can see the positions of the application in its category in different countries.

    • Featuring information. If the application is featured during the selected period, it will be indicated in the report.

    • Information about reviews and ratings. You will learn about the number of new reviews for the selected period, the average rating and the number of reviews with different ratings.

    • Metadata updates. In this section of the report, information about updating metadata for the required period will be available.

2. Keywords report

In the report, you can find out the popularity of keywords and view the change in positions for them.

For each country, keywords are divided into 4 categories:

  • New keyword

  • Lost keyword

  • Positive movement

  • Negative movement

Estimate the number of impressions per request per day (Daily Impressions), the popularity of the search query in Apple Search Ads (Search Ads Popularity), as well as the position of the search query.

From the report, you can quickly go to the Keywords Highlights tool.

3. Reviews report

In Reviews report, you will see a summary of reviews and ratings for the selected period (day, week or month).

The report contains the following data:

  • The number of new reviews.

  • Average rating based on all new reviews.

  • The number of reviews, which is divided by ratings from 1 to 5 stars.

Reviews are divided into the following categories:

  • New Reviews for the selected period of time.

  • Updated Reviews.

  • Featured Reviews with a note about the country.

  • Deleted Reviews for this period.

  • New Replies — reviews that you have responded to manually or automatically.

4. ASO Report

The report allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your ASO for a day, week or month using two tables:

  • Impressions, App Units, CVR.

  • Product Page Views, App Units, CVR

The tables show detailed information for each country, as well as the sum of indicators for all countries.

Note: In order for this report to work correctly, you need to integrate Asodesk with App Store Connect.


  1. Alert about getting into the Featured section

We will notify you that the application has been featured in a certain country or category.

2. Update Alert

We will inform you about the new version of the application and changes in metadata.

3. Alert of getting into the App Store Trending Searches

We will show the most popular keywords in the App Store at the moment and the position of the application on them. You can also see keywords that have disappeared from trending.

4. Alert of new reviews, as well as reviews with a specific tag

Thanks to the alert, you will immediately receive new user reviews. You can also configure the notification so that you receive feedback only if they have a specific tag. For example, in order not to miss any reviews about bugs, you can set up alerts about reviews with such a tag.

We kindly remind you that the Auto-Tags tool can put tags on reviews automatically if they meet certain criteria.

5. Alert of a large number of negative reviews

We will notify you if there are too many negative reviews. You can specify the number of negative reviews for a certain period of time at which you want to get a notification.

We tried to make reports and notifications as useful and effective as possible, depending on the different goals of our clients. Are you ready to move on to configuring reports and notifications?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at hello@asodesk.com.

We'll be happy to help!