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How to set up Custom Reports & Alerts

  1. Go to the Custom Reports & Alerts tool, which is located in the Service section of the main menu.

  2. Click Add in the upper right corner and choose what you want to create: Report or Instant notification (Alert).

  3. In the settings form, you need to specify the sending channel (Email or Slack).

  4. When setting up an email report / alert, next in the list you need to mark which reports / alerts you would like to send to the selected recipients. You also need to select applications and countries for which you want to receive reports.

  5. When you've set up all the parameters, click Create.

    After saving, the report / alert will start being sent to the specified emails / Slack channel, and will also appear in the list in the Custom Reports & Alerts tool.

    How to view the history of sent reports

    Don't worry if you missed something, we store the entire history on the Email reports history tab in the Custom Reports & Alerts tool.

    You can view all the submitted reports and sort them by application and type.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at hello@asodesk.com.

We'll be happy to help!