The Auto-Replies tool will allow you to configure automatic sending of replies to user reviews for your application. Save time on analyzing and replying to reviews with this feature.

Here is a short step-by-step guide to setting up Auto-Replies:

Note: you need Customer Support Manager, Admin, Product Owner or Root role to be able to create and edit auto-reply rules.

  1. Go to My Apps; select the application that you would like to automate replies to reviews for;

2. Choose Auto-Replies in our sidebar menu:

3. Tap the Create new rule button:

4. Name the rule and choose what you would like to reply with: you can use a pre-created template, a random template, or report a concern to a review.

5. You can select one or more applications that this rule will work with.

6. Then you should choose a publication mode:

  • Approval mode allows you to manually control the sending of each reply. You will receive a notofication and you will be able to approve or reject the reply.

  • Auto-posting mode fully automates sending replies; the system sends the reply itself.

7. Configure the rules for automatically sending a reply based on the following conditions:

  • Review content

  • Rating

  • Review length

  • Review language

  • Review tags

8. Save changes.

Well done! Now you have an Auto-Replies rule. You can always delete it, temporarily deactivate it or change its settings in Auto-Replies section.

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