Omnidesk integration


  1. Go to Integrations settings in Asodesk. Click on Connect Omnidesk account.

2. Select app for integration with Omnidesk and click on Next:

3. Set up filters:

4. For integration with Omnidesk to work, you need a connected Asodesk integration with App Store Connect or Google Developer Console. You can link a store console now or do it later.

5. Add data from Omnidesk for the integration. You'll learn how and where you can get the data in the next steps.


To integrate Asodesk with Omnidesk, you need to configure the following data:

  1. API Key

    1. You need to go to the 'Settings' section and click on the 'API' link in the left menu;
    2. Next, you need to create a key:
     c.  Save the value in the Asodesk UI.

2. Subdomain

    1. This is the text value of your company's subdomain, which is located in the path to your Omnidesk panel. (Example: if the path is, then the subdomain will be 'name')
    2. Save the value in the Asodesk UI.

3. Administrator's email address

    1. It is necessary to pass the mail address of the main administrator of the omnidesk panel.
    2. Save the value in the Asodesk UI.

It is very important to pass the mail to the administrator, otherwise some omnidesk tools will lack permissions and the integration won't work properly.

4. Custom channel

    1. This is the channel through which Asodesk will sync your replies from Asodesk to your users in the App Store or Google play;
    2. In order to create it, you need to go to the 'Channels' page in the admin panel and click 'Custom channels' in the left menu.
    3. Next, you need to click on the 'Add custom channel' button, after which a form will open for entering the following fields:
      • Name, icon and color at your choice. You will use this name and icon to determine which reviews came from Asodesk;

      • Webhook url: insert

      • Default group at your choice;

      • Channel type at your choice;

     d.  After filling in the fields, it is necessary to click the "Create channel" button;


Make sure that correct data fields were created. Go to 'Customer Query Management' -> 'Data fields' and check if there is a 'text field' with a name corresponding to your custom channel name.

     e. You will also need to create a custom query field.

         Go to 'Customer Query Management' -> 'Data fields' and add a field.

         Parameters must be 'Query Field' and 'Text Field'.

         'Field name' must be the same as your custom channel name.

You should have both 'Customer Field' and 'Query Field' after completing this step ('Customer Field' is created automatically).


After creating the channel, you need to save all the data transferred to Asodesk. 


If the data is transmitted correctly, a check mark for successful authorization in the Asodesk UI will be displayed.


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