Reviews & Replies

If you want to reply via reviews through Asodesk, you should make this integration.

1. Go to Integrations in your Asodesk Settings.

2. Click on the button “Add Google Play Console Account”.

3. Choose one or several apps in “Reviews & Replies” section.

4. Open your Google Play Console.

Note: we kindly recommend using a Google account with admin rights in the Google Console so that the integration is successful and there are no connection issues.

5. Go to Settings ➡ Developer account ➡ API access.

6. You will get to OAuth Clients. Click on the button “Create new OAuth client”.

To create a new OAuth Client:

- Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.

- Click “Create credentials” and select “OAuth Client ID” from the list.

- Select the “Desktop app” application type and fill in the name. It is better to use the name of our tool and your app. For example: “ASOdesk reviews Women Workout”.

- Click “Create”.

Note: if you have a G-Suite account, you'll be requested to configure consent screen before creating an OAuth Client ID.

If you don't have a G-Suite account, just pass to p. 7 ;)

Choose "External"

After that, you should fill all necessary fields:

  • App Name (e. g. Asodesk GP Console Integration)

  • User support email (you can write here your email - it's for your workspace only, no one else can see it)

  • Email address in "Developer contact information" section - the last one (same address as in previous section)

Then, click "Save and continue".

7. Now you see “Your Client ID” and “Your Client Secret”.

8. Copy “Client ID” and “Client Secret” from Console and fill in the same fields in Asodesk.

9. Click “Next” in Asodesk. Сlick on the “Click here” button.

10. Choose your console account and click “Allow”.

Please make sure that you log in using the same account with which you created the Client ID and Client Secret in Google Console.

11. You will get a code.

12. Paste it into Asodesk field.

13. Click to button “Add integration”. The status will change on “Authorized”.

Report a Concern

To report concerns from ASOdesk, you should integrate your Google Play Console with your account.

1. Go to Integrations in your Asodesk Settings.

2. Click the button “Add Google Play Console Account”.

3. Chose your app in “Report a Concern” section.

4. Open your Google Play Console.

5. Go to “Users and permissions” section.

You should choose a user, who works in Asodesk. Add user’s address to section “Invite new users”, if you haven’t invited him before.

Also you should give access to "Reply to reviews"

6. You can give access to one or several applications. Choose “App permission” or “Account permission”.

7. Scroll through the list and choose “Reply to reviews”, "View app information and download bulk reports (read-only)".

Click “Apply” and then “Invite user”.

8. Send invite.

9. In your Google Play Console you will see that your user is active.

10. Go to “Settings” ➡ “Developer account” ➡ “Account details”. Copy Account ID.

11. Go back to Asodesk Google Play Console Integration and check the box “I’ve invited user <email name> to Google Play Developer account”.

12. Paste Account ID to the field in Asodesk.

13. Click to button “Add integration”.

Important note: When the integration works correctly, the functions you have connected are displayed in green.

If they are gray, something has gone wrong. You shoud check if:

  • Your Google account has enough permissions. Go to Users and Permissions section. Choose App permission or Account permission, then scroll through the list and make sure that “Reply to reviews”, "View app information and download bulk reports (read-only)" are marked;

  • The Consent Screen is set up and your app's status is "In Production": go to API Access, find the OAuth Client ID that you'd created, tap View in Google Cloud Console. Then Choose OAuth Consent screen in the left sidebar and check the Publishing status.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

We'll be happy to help!

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