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How to add keywords?

Our tool offers you few ways of adding keywords. It gives you the opportunity to track keywords that you will use to build a quality semantic core. 

First way

Add keywords from Keyword Analytics.

You can see Keyword Manager. Here you may enter one keyword or add few keywords.

Add Keywords

  1. Enter keywords you need.

  2. You can choose a special color for your keywords.

  3. When you enter all keywords you need, click on the button "Save Keywords".

Also here you may add all 50 suggested keywords.

  1. Add All 50 Suggestions.

  2. Save 50 Keywords.

Missing Ranked Keywords

  1. Choose the keywords where your app is ranked in the Top 1-10. You can filter the keywords by popularity.

  2. Save Keywords.

Missing Competitor Keywords

As you may understand it's a place where you can add keywords from your competitors.

  1. Choose competitor that you need.

  2. Add all keyword you need.

  3. Save Keywords.

Apple Search Ads Suggestions

Check the keywords from suggestions of Apple Search Ads and add them.

  1. Choose competitor that you need.

  2. Add all keyword you need.

  3. Save Keywords.

Text Analyzer

You can find a lot of hints from your description with the “Text Analyzer”.

  1. Choose app that you need.

  2. Type any text to analyze.

  3. Add all keyword you need.

  4. Save Keywords.

Second way

Add keywords from the column "Suggestions". Click on the button "Show" which is opposite of any keyword. 

You can see the list of keywords. Some keywords have already been added to your Keywords Analytics and some haven't, but you can do it. Click "✚" and then you will see this keywords in Keyword Analytics.

Third way

Add some keywords from the tab "Keyword Explorer". Here you can find a list of store suggestion.

  1. Enter any keyword to the row and to the right of the viewer there is the list of keywords, which you can save in Keyword Analytics.

  2. Click on the icon "✚".

Fourth way

You are able to add some keywords from tab "Keyword Auto-Suggestions". But this tool is paid in our system. Only premium rates can use it.

Here you can see three columns, where you may save all of the needed keywords. Click on the "✚" or add all of them just by the button "Save all". 

Fifth way

Add keywords from Organic Report.  The tool is paid too.

Scroll down and see keywords that you can add. Click on the icon "✚".

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