The Auto-Replies tool will allow you to configure automatic sending of replies to user reviews for your application. Save time on analyzing and replying to reviews with this feature.


Here is a short step-by-step guide to setting up Auto-Replies:

You need Customer Support Manager, Admin, Product Owner or Root role to be able to create and edit auto-reply rules.

  1. Go to My Apps; select the application that you would like to automate replies to reviews for;

2. Choose Auto-Replies in our the menu at the top:


3. Tap the Create new rule button:


4. Name the rule and choose what you would like to reply with: you can use a pre-created template, a random template, or report a concern to a review.


5. You can select one or more applications that this rule will work with.


6. Then you should choose a publication mode:

  • Approval mode allows you to manually control the sending of each reply. You will receive a notification and you will be able to approve or reject the reply.

  • Auto-posting mode fully automates sending replies; the system sends the reply itself.

7. Configure the rules for automatically sending a reply based on the following conditions:

  • Review content - you can you can specify the words and symbols that the review must or must not contain; starts or ends with particular words and symbols.

Keep in mind that when you select the condition 'review text does not contain' and then specify several options divided by 'or', then the rule will work on reviews that contain at least one of the specified options.

this way the auto-reply will be sent if a review does not contain the word 'bad', but the rule will work even if a review contains 'error' and 'negative'.


When you specify each option as a separate condition, then the rule will work on reviews that does not contain any of the words.

this rule will work only if a review does not contain words 'bug', 'error' and 'awful'.


  • Review rating

When you select, for example, 'review rating is more than 3*', then the rule will work on reviews with 4* and 5*. 3* will not be included.

  • Review length

When you specify that review length shoud be less than 100 symbols, then the rule will work on reviews containing a maximum of 99 symbols. Reviews containing 100 symbols will not be included.

  • Review language

  • Review tags


8. Save changes.


Well done! Now you have an Auto-Replies rule. You can always delete it, temporarily deactivate it or change its settings in Auto-Replies section.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or via support chat.

We'll be happy to help!