Zendesk API Integration

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to set up Asodesk and Zendesk integration:

  1. Open Integrations section and click “Connect Zendesk account

  2. Select the apps for which you want to get reviews and reply to them through Zendesk. You can choose several apps if you need to.

3. Set up filters for each app:

  • filter out reviews that you want to get:

    • all

    • became better (only reviews with the improved rating)

    • became worse (only reviews with the decreased rating)

    • updated (all reviews that were changed)

  • choose how many reviews without developer reply you want to import (up to 100 reviews) or (none)

  • select the star rating of reviews that you want to get

  • select countries (for App Store) and languages (for Google Play) you want to get the reviews from (in)

  • select the review length you want to get:

    • all

    • less than 3 words

    • or more than 3 words

    • NB! Don't use this filter if you are from Asian countries

Also you can disable tags if you don’t want that tags to be added to reviews in Zendesk.

If you added several apps at the beginning of setting up integration with Zendesk, please set up filters for all your apps at this step.

4. Add integration with your App Store Connect or Google Play Console account for all your added apps. You can set up store integrations after integrating Zendesk.

Note: you won't be able to reply to reviews from Zendesk account without a linked console.

5. Integrate Zendesk. Please add integration with Zendesk for all the apps you have selected:

  • Enter your Zendesk API Token. You can find it in your Zendesk account: Channels -> API -> Enable Access token -> Copy existing token or create a new one for this integration.

  • Enter Zendesk Account Owner's Email: e.g. support@COMPANY.zendesk.com or support@COMPANY.com
    You can find it in your Zendesk account: Channels -> Email -> Support addresses

  • Enter your Zendesk subdomain. You can find it in your Zendesk account: Settings -> Account -> Branding -> Subdomain.

    Example: you see "https://mycompany.zendesk.com". You should paste subdomain without "https://" and without "zendesk.com" - just the "mycompany" part.

6. Select the group where you want to get reviews in Zendesk account, you can also create a new group.

Disable templates if you don’t want that templates to be displayed when you will reply on reviews in Zendesk.

7. Your integration with Zendesk is completed! You can now view your integration settings in the Integrations section. If you want to change it or fill-in the missing information, you can edit setting by clicking the “Edit” button.

If you have not finished the integration, don't worry - you can resume it later, all changes will be saved :)

If you want to add another Zendesk account just click on the “Connect another Zendesk account”.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at hello@asodesk.com.

We'll be happy to help!