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Learn how to create and launch Keyword Boost campaigns in our updated interface

Keyword Boost allows you to promote your application to the top positions of search results. You will receive paid installs from real users, thanks to which store algorithms will start promoting your app to the top of the App Store and Google Play.

You can create a campaign only for a keyword by which the app is already ranked in the search results. These keywords should have a Rank on Asodesk.

To launch a campaign, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add your app for the required country (select the country in the upper right corner of the page).


 2.  On the main screen, select the Find & Track tool (formerly Keyword Analytics).


 3.  At the top of the page, open the Keyword Manager and add keywords manually via the input window (on the right). You can also find keywords among suggestions in other tabs (see the screenshot).


 4.  After clicking on Save, the keywords will be displayed at the bottom of the page in the Keyword Table. Next to each keyword with an existing Rank for the selected app, you will see the "Boost" button. Click it to proceed to the Keyword Boost tool.


 5.  Create a campaign. On the campaign setup page, you will see the selected keywords with their current positions in the search results and the cost of the campaign per install. Here, you can add a few more keywords to the current campaign (it is recommended to create campaigns for at least 2–3 keywords), specify the number of days, and the required number of installs per day.


 6.  Monitor the campaign status. You can check the status of your campaign in the Keyword Boost tool.


 7.  Analyze the change in positions by keywords. You can track position updates using the Find & Track tool (formerly Keyword Analytics) in the Keyword Ranking Chart section, after first checking ✔️ the keywords you want to display on the graph. Once selected, you can view their updates by day.

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