In the new ASOdesk update let us introduce Organic report!

When mobile marketers analyze their traffic channels, some of their channels remain a mystery. Where does the traffic come from? ASOdesk answers this question and more.

Let’s see how to use Organic Report on the app example — Jetradar — Cheap flights and airline tickets.

Jetradar app profile

Semantic research:

You were wondering: Am I missing some keywords? Am I tracking all the keywords?

Organic Report displays all the search requests through which your and your competitor’s apps are found. You can SPY on them :) Just add any app you want into your account and see the keyword base in OR module.

Organic Report table for Jetradar app

If your app is already in stores, you might see keywords by which your app can be found — even if you didn’t include them!

Let’s say that your app and keywords have been added. Go to the Organic Report Module and scroll down the page collecting all the words that you don’t have.

Number of installs from search request (conversion):

Organic Report shows the estimated number of installs from the search requests for your apps and your competitor’s apps.

You may have been wondering, which words are actually working and what is the conversion for each? ASOdesk Organic report shows this info for any app you add into your account. Below is the example of a flights app.

Jetradar: keyword conversion App View → Install

Total Organic history:

So, you have done an ASO release and don’t know how to check the efficiency? Go to the Organic Report Module and see how your app has been performing for the last 10 days. There you will find a history table and Keywords pie chart illustrating this.

Jetradar: organic history

Competitive analysis

Let’s see how to spy on competitors with OR. In case of Jetradar, the competitor will be KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars app.

KAYAK booking app

First, we add the app as a competitor and in the Competitors Module or add the app directly to the dashboard and track it. In our case we added the app to the dashboard. Go to the KAYAK app’s Organic Report Module.

So I want to spy on their keywords, what do I do:

Organic Report for KAYAK app

Scroll the page down to see the list of the keywords KAYAK app is found in the Mobile Store. If you see “plus” symbol that means you don’t have this word for your semantic core. Press on “plus” and collect the competitors words.


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