Examples of using API in ASOdesk 

You may see an example below about Application info:

Something that you need to know

  1. The API supports working only with a root account. If you are a teammate, you will not be able to work with the API.

  2. You need to be sure you have API connection. In the sidebar there is an information about it.

  3. Requests can be sent using "Python Requests" or analogues for other programming languages, "cURL" via the Linux or MacOS command line, visual tools as "Postman".

  4. First you need to get access token - its validity is 24 hours, then it needs to be re-requested.

  5. Further use the desired function. They are already described. For example, historical data for an application’s position by keyword.

Also in our documentation you may find more examples of using API in ASOdesk. Tap the button below and you'll see API ASOdesk Documentation.

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