You can set up a report of Daily Apps Reports and Trending Alerts in slack and all the reports will be send to Slack.

How to set up?

Let’s take a look how you can do it!

  1. From "My Apps". Above all added apps, you will see “#” button.

  • Press the button and connect to Slack (1).

  • Choose Trending Searches report (2).

Or you can go to:

Set mark in column Daily Apps Reports or Trending Alerts by email, then click on the button "Add to Slack".

When you'll click it you will see this window, choose the place where new reviews will be shown. And click on the button "Allow". 

How to Disconnect from Slack?

If you don`t need these reports, you can disconnect. Click on the tab "Disconnect from Slack".

What mistake you can have?

You need to know only Full Member in Slack can configure integration, otherwise there will be an error. 

Just ask your Slack owner to change the rights or configure it by yourself.

Or write to us by email

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