To learn how to add your app you can watch a video or read an article below.

Adding an application to your account

You have few ways to add an app. This is the very first and important step that everybody must do as it gives you the ability to work in our system, to use the unique tools and to do ASO. 

See "My Apps" and here you can add some applications. 

  1. You need to select a country where your app is.

     2. Then choose a store.

     3. And now you have two ways of adding your apllication:

  • enter the name of the application,

  • insert the link of the app.

Here you can choose the app that you need and click on it.

  1.  Click the button "Track".

  2. Here you may have add suggested keywords by ASOdesk for selected application.

How to fix your favorite app?

Also you can  add your application to favorite apps. The app will be shown in head of apps list after page reload.

Done 🙂

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