Now you don't need to select tags for each review manually, Asodesk will do it for you! You just need to set the parameters by which the review will be marked with a tag.

Here is a brief instruction on how to do this:

Note: you need Customer Support Manager, Admin, Product Owner or Root role to be able to create and edit auto-tag rules.

  1. Go to My Apps; select the application that you would like to automate tagging for;

2. Choose Auto-Tags in our sidebar menu:

You can also choose Tags section, tap the settings icon on the tag you need and create a rule in the opened menu;

3. Tap the Create new rule button:

4. Name the rule;

5. Select the applications for which it will be applied:

6. Choose the necessary tag;

7. Add necessary conditions. You can select the following parameters:

  • Review text;

  • Review rating;

  • Review length;

  • Review language.

8. Save changes.

9. All set! You can edit, delete and disable the rule in the Auto-Tags section.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

We'll be happy to help!