Keyword Boost Campaigns Risks

When someone starts a campaign, there are multiple questions. We'll gladly answer them!

The very frequent question: how does our system count the optimal quantity of installs?

Our system automatically counts an optimal number of installs. Data on the number of requests is approximate.

Few factors influence the growth of the search query to the top. You should try to boost a keyword and look at the results; everything depends on the keyword itself, its position, traffic score and number of apps ranked.

How does boost system work in different countries?

Motivated CPI users change their Apple IDs / Google Play accounts to the one that is needed. (Apple IDs are changed to the one that is intended for the ordered country)

Why does data on the number of installs in the report does not match tracking services like Itunesconnect, Fabric and Google Analytics?

Because some real motivated users do not start an application. However, an application will still be rising in search results, because App Store algorithm counts the only fact of download. Tracking systems count only download of an application after the user has started it.

Why does an ordered number of installs does not match daily installs?

There are few causes:

  • It is hard to make an exact batch as it is real people doing it.

  • Some installs were partially not counted (check the first question).

  • Our volume can be limited, you have already ordered to much incentivized installs. We kindly remind you that our algorithms count recommended number of installs.

Why are installs going through Russian store?

If the motivated customer does everything right and changes his Apple ID to the one that is needed (depending on what country is required), then uses it to download an application - it should be counted as installed in that country. But some users cheat (number of cheaters can go up to 50%) and does not do it to save time, and install an application using Russian Apple ID, then the install counted as install from Russian store. To avoid this an application should not be published in Russian store.

How does installs data influence rating in application store?

Users download your app using particular request, store algorithms get the fact that people use this request to find your application and boost its rank.

Safety of installations data

Real people - not bots - perform all the installs, therefore there are no problems with stores, you will not be banned, blacklisted or deleted.

Why application may not rise in the rank, but fall or might be lost on the search query that I did boost for, after boosting campaign?

No one knows for sure because there is no information on how store algorithms work. Most likely there is a bug in the algorithm. Also during the campaign, your regular level of downloads could decrease or your ranking could worsen - all of this effects campaign efficiency too.

How long can effect from motivated installs last?

Usually for a week in App Store and for a month in Google Play Store.

Sometimes there are cases when it lasts for few months, but it is rather rare. It happens when users like an app more than competitors’ applications in the top rating.

What are the terms for the users who do motivated installs? Do they start an app after installing it?

Terms are – user MUST install and run the application, if it is not started then it will not be counted. But we do not track this (technical reasons).

One more warning before starting the campaign:

When a campaign has begun no changes can be made:

  • Make new releases;

  • Change description or graphics on the applications page;

In this case, it can generate errors for the users who do motivated installs.

Also, don't run the Apple Search Ads campaign during keyword boost campaign on the same keywords. It can mislead the users and they will download your app from the ads.

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