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App Store Editorial in Search Results

App Store serving editorial stories as part of their search results. 

Interesting to see Apple trying to give more exposure to app developers, educate their consumers while driving more usage of the search function in the App Store.

It's unknown how many Stories in search terms are included. But for example, if you search ‘video’ you will see a ‘STORY’ - an editorial search result, then the regular search results. The App Store icon and the word ‘STORY’ denote that this is not an app, but an editorial.

It also depends on the locale: in one locale there may be editorial in search results, but in the other locale there may not be any, even if you search the same keyword.

It's a good way to use the important investment that Apple has made in the production of editorial for the new iOS 11 App Store ‘Today’ section. Before that happened, Stories in the Today section were available for a week and then were deleted. Now a 'STORY' is available in search results.

Some extra point added by Apple are more useful search and special level of control with offered editorial that matches the search.