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Cluster Search results: what is it?

In Google Play, the search results differ depending on the query. If you make a request on a narrow topic or a brand request like "Chrome beta", the application with the largest number of downloads will be highlighted in the first place by a large card in the cluster search results.

You'll see compact information on the average star rating, number of ratings, approximate number of downloads and other icons indicating content rating and ‘Top Developer” status. You also get the app’s video preview as well as screenshots, all accessible right from the search results.

 Side scrolling lists follow the main search result in the form of “You Might Also Like” and “Similar Apps”. The rest of the search results follow along after that in their simpler card format.

The algorithm must be sure that the application meets the user's needs as much as possible or solves his problems. If the request is of a more general subject, for example, "air tickets", then the issue will be regular.