Why do you need API and how to use it

Four reasons to integrate Asodesk API

  1. Tons of Data. Explore and Analyze Tons of Data from 60+ countries in App Store and Google Play.

  2. Support. Every Day we are improving our API and accumulating worldwide historical data.

  3. Price. It's cheaper than develop your own tool or add-on software.

  4. Easy to integrate. Here you can find all necessary documentation.

How to start?

To activate API plan please contact our support team using the blue chat icon in the lower right corner - your personal manager will contact you and together you will choose the best plan depending on your goals and needs.

Something that you need to know

  1. The API supports working only with a root account. If you are a teammate, you will not be able to work with the API.

  2. You need to be sure you have an active API connection. There is an information about your API credits in the left sidebar in Asodesk:

  3. Requests can be sent using "Python Requests" or analogues for other programming languages, "cURL" via the Linux or MacOS command line, visual tools as "Postman".

  4. First you need to get access token - its validity is 24 hours, then it needs to be refreshed.

  5. Then you can make a request you'd like. They are described in our documentation.

Examples of using API in Asodesk 

You may see an example below about Application info:

Also in our documentation you may find more examples of using API in Asodesk. Tap the button below and you'll see Asodesk API Documentation.

Important note: if you make requests by specifying a timeline, this is considered a request with historical data and costs three times more credits than a regular request.

All costs are specified here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at hello@asodesk.com.

We'll be happy to help!