All about Asodesk API

Discover how to effectively use our API, explore the valuable data it provides, and access the API documentation.

Gain access to a vast database of over 18 million apps and 34 million keywords across more than 100 countries to create your own customized reports.

Using the API is a cost-effective solution compared to developing your own tool or add-on software, and it seamlessly integrates into your systems. You can access all the essential information about our API right here.

How to use the API?

  • The Asodesk API follows the principles of REST architecture and sends responses in JSON format. The HTTP status code indicates the state of the response.

  • The API is designed to work exclusively with a Root account. If you are a teammate, access to the API will not be available.

  • Ensure that your API connection is active. Information about your API credits can be found in the left sidebar in Asodesk. You can manage your API subscription here.

  • You can send requests using tools like "Python Requests" for various programming languages, use "cURL" through the command line in Linux or MacOS, or opt for visual tools like "Postman".

  • Initially, you will need to obtain an access token, which remains valid for 24 hours before requiring refreshment. You can then proceed to send a request of your choice.


API requests and pricing per request

Details about API requests and pricing per request can be found on our website.

When including a timestamp parameter in your requests, it is classified as a historical data request and will incur three times more credits compared to a standard request.

More information about requests and examples can be found in Asodesk API Documentation.

If you have specific requirements that do not align with existing API requests, we are open to exploring the possibility of creating a tailored solution that aligns meets your goals.


Explore our Software as a Service License Agreement to ensure the secure storage and processing of all your data.


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