Reviews Export

Reviews Export

Mobile app developers know that user reviews are an essential part of their search engine optimization work. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Provide the best technical support to your users. Keep track of your competitors.

If you click "Export reviews", you will get the Excel document containing the reviews and all relevant data.

Before exporting reviews, you may set up different filters:

  • Country(ies);

  • Number of stars;

  • You can choose Require Attention - these are reviews with three or less stars that you haven't answered yet;

  • Reviews changed by app users or not;

  • Featured, deleted or not deleted reviews;

  • If you're using our Tags festure, you can export reviews with a tag you need;

  • Review Status - there are also several options, such as Replied / No Replies / Reported reviews, Pending or Automated reply reviews and more!

Your export reviews depends on these filters.

How it will look like in Excel

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