App Store Connect Integration

I. Create an App Store Connect account.


  1. Login to your App Store Connect;

  2. Go to Users and Access section;

  3. Add new user with valid email;


    Please do not use the email created for integration anywhere else and do not log in to the App Store Connect using it - this may lead to deactivation of the integration


  4. Add account Roles acccording to your needs:

    • Full access integration requires Admin role or Customer Support + Marketing + Finance;

    • Reply to Reviews is possible with Admin or Customer Support roles;

    • ASO Report (access to analytics) is available with Admin role or Marketing + Sales + Access to Reports;

    • Sales Report (access to sales data) is available with Admin role or Marketing + Finance.


      Make sure the account has access to your app(s).


      II. Connect your Account to Asodesk. 

      To learn how to connect your apps to Asodesk you can watch a short video :)
    1. Go to Integrations section in Asodesk;

    2. Click "Add App Store Connect account"

    3. Enter Email and Password for your account.


Don't worry about your data. Asodesk & StoreConsole uses encryption to receive, store and operate your credentials.



Having problems with Integration? Click the support icon in the bottom right corner or write on - we're always happy to help you!