Add Competitors

Add Competitors in Asodesk

Adding Competitors is one of the most important actions in our system. It gives you the opportunity to know which position your competitors have towards your app, allows you to track your competitors for a search query and view useful graphs.

You can add your Competitors in few ways.

The first way. Click on the tab "Keyword Analytics". 

These is a list of keywords which you have saved in the Keyword Table below. Check a keyword you'd like to see the competitors for:

Scroll up a little. Now you can view and add your Competitors from Top Apps for the keyword: 

To add a competitor:

  1. Click on the blue icon "Add". 

  2. Click on "As competitor". 

Also, when you click on this icon, you will see Organic Report of your Competitor's app. 

Click on this icon and you can monitor ASO Comparative Report of your Competitor.

The second way. You can also add Competitors in the Keyword Explorer. 

  1. Go to Keyword Explorer. 

  2. Type and search any keyword. After that you will see the titles of applications as you can see them in store searching.

  3. Click on the button "Add" near the competitor you'd like to add. 

  4. You need to click on "As competitor" and the app will be added as your Competitor. 

The third way.  Click on the tab "Competitors" and then type the name of your competitors. Choose a competitor and click on it.

Also, you can view the data of your Competitors in the Competitors menu: 

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